5 Star Rebellion is what we like to call a "DIRTY ROCK" band originating out of Clay County, WV.   We are just a bunch of backwoods country boys that like to make music that folks can move to.  The Rebellion is made up of some hardworking and dedicated folks and they are....

Matt Tanner /  Lead Vocals and Rythym Guitar
Owen Frye /  Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Steve Goodwin / Bass Guitar
Corey Mynes / Drums

5 Star Rebellion formed in 2014, but under the name 10 FEET TALL.    Always made up of very close friends it didn't take long to find their unique sound and hard driving rock sound.   If asked what genre of music they play, their response would be "it would sound as if Buckcherry and Blackstone Cherry had a baby, with a drunk uncle called Jackyl came and visited", henceforth DIRTY ROCK!!!......Old School Rock, Hard Rock, Hip Hop with a Rock twist.  Country rocked name it we probably have or could make it our own.

All members have been playing music with different bands over the last 30 years, but all finally came together for the first time to form the one and only 5 Star Rebellion.   One thing is for will never leave a show doubting that you didn't hear some great Rock n Roll!!!   Check them out at the links below and give them a like and follow.  You can also reach them at